Petrohradské PADani 2007

Text: Petr Resch Fotos: © Archiv Petr Resch

Petrohradské PADání 2007 - 5th open space boulder competition an 02.06.2007
Petrohradské PADání is not only competition is also a bouldering session at Petrohrad. 

Every year we develop a completely new location, where plenty of new boulder problems are prepared for competitors. This year more than 200 boulder problems are prepared for visitors from 4 to 8B Fb.

Petrohrad, possibly the largest bouldering area in Central Europe, is situated in west Bohemia roughly 80 km west from Prague and about 50 km north from Plzen. There are over 2000 reported problems and tucked away in the Bohemian forested hills- with potential for more. They are mainly rounded boulders-blocs made of rough granite and with good friction for feet but rough on your skin. Climbing here is mainly strength demanding but requires good technique too since there are plenty of smooth slabs and arętes. Majority of grips are edges and slopers. Sometimes also bizarre holes are present. The height of boulder blocks are mainly from 2 to 5 m.


Date: 02.06.2007
Presentation: Petrohrad village centre (Petrohrad is situated left from the route No.6 (Prague – Karlovy Vary), the village center is situated 1.5 km south from this route) 9 – 10 a.m.
Organizers: Petr Resch (see ranking ""), Karel Hegr and many others
Contact: or 604 245 568 – Petr Resch (speaks German and partly English)
Sponzor: PAD bouldering gear (

Main competition:
Only eight most difficult problems are counting within time limit (about 7 hours). Style doesn’t matter (OS). Additional competition: a quantity competition, who will climb the biggest number of problems (males minimum 30, women 20 problems) Structure of boulder problems: Together more than 200 pieces.

Classification scheme: (classification Fb) + points:
  4 – 5C     60 pieces     1 –      7 points
6A – 6C+   90 pieces   10 –    40 points
7A – 7B+   40 pieces   50 –   170 points
7C – 7C+   20 pieces 300 –   420 points
8A – 8B      10 pieces 750 – 1900 points

Fees: 150 CZK (6 €) Every attendee will get a 200 Kč gift from sponsor.

Equipment: Own boulderpad is recommended ! 

Time schedule:
9.00 - 10.00 Presentation
11.00 Start
18.00 End
18.30 Results
20.00 After party (live music)

Food and accommodation: (01.06./02.06./03.06.):
Stay at the same place where After party will take place at auto camping in Jesenice – sleeping in own tents or in cottages (the whole camp will be booked for this boulder event and their participants)

Making reservation: 00420 608 029 189, Mr. Kyselka (speaks German and partly English) or at

Food: Optionally there will be two meals (fired cheese or schnitzel 60Kč each meal)
Beer and other non alcoholic drinks.
You can buy also some bouldering gear from PAD for good price.
Maybe there will be available also some boulder movies and roasted piggy.